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    The pavilion gastro pub

    Located on the historic grounds of The Old Naval and Military Prison on Corradino Hill Paola, the Pavilion Gasto Pub, occupies the space previously encompassing the Serjeant’s Mess and prison exercise yards. The prison itself was constructed in 1866, originally housing naval prisoners, and was subsequently transferred to the army in 1870, after which it was used – and has since been referred to as – the Corradino Military Prison. Other than the Pavilion Gastro Pub, the site now houses a large indoor gymnasium and an underground flour mill, which the local environmental regulatory body scheduled as a Grade 1 National Monument back in 2012.


    Live football all the time
    As well as hosting a number of sports events on its premises, The Pavilion also caters for lovers of sports who wish to enjoy their favourite sporting events live on big screens while being attended to by its friendly staff. The premises boast 3 big screens and 7 LED screens dotted ensuring that no matter where you sit, your view is unobstructed by any other patrons! Whether you are trying to catch that all-important Football game, that late-night Boxing match, or some Southern-hemisphere Rugby, The Pavilion is the place you can rely on to be screening your favourite sport.





    Checkout our restaurant and special dishes
    The Pavilion kitchen is open for breakfast at 0900 hrs, and remains open throughout the day. Uniquely, our kitchen closes at the late hour of midnight, offering the opportunity for a late meeting, post-work meal, or a late night snack. Apart from a choice of indoor and outdoor seating, The Pavilion offers an exquisite menu with a selection of breakfast dishes, starter and main courses, as well as a variety of pizza, pasta, burgers, and nibbles – at The Pavilion Gastro Pub, you are most definitely spoilt for choice!